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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Today's task, rather King or Queen, write your self a letter. You owe it to yourself. I want you to apologize to YOU for taking responsibility for something that wasnt your fault. Rather it be no family figure being in your life, abuse situation, rape, etc. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. Release yourself from YOUR bondage. It's ok. We in this together. I got you. I'll go first: Dear Self, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I held you responsibly. You did nothing wrong. Please forgive me. I didn't protect you. I allowed your soul to be stripped, your pride to be damaged, your heart to be broken, etc but today I claim you. Today no one can still our joy ever again. No one will ever disrespect you as a human being and IF they attempt they will be deleted from your circle immediately. You are so worthy. You are Beautiful. I love you, Me Write your letter. We on this journey together. I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #therapyoneonone #youarebeautiful #thebeautifulmovement

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