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Last night I watched 3 episodes of "Intervention" then this morning from 6am until now I've been speaking with parents about OUR children. I say "our" because it takes a village to raise OUR product. I was able to compare Intervention to the conversations I had this morning. All the children ages 17 to 25 had the same problem. A PAST. The parents all wondered the same "I don't understand why my child is acting out like this". I'll use a 23 year old from Intervention for my example. Her past: her dad was an alcoholic, She had been raped when she we 6, at 16 her parents were giving her beer for fun, her daddy left, mom was screwing other men while this child was home and we wonder WHY IS MY CHILD ACTING UP. We say" oh she's 23 she's grown" REALLY? Let me educate you. This child died at the age of 6. Yes she is 23 and out of control. YOU THINK???. Why WOULDN'T SHE BE?. A life like that warrants disaster. How do you expect anyone to be normal with a life like that. I say all of that to say I get calls all the time saying my child is out of control, and my first question is what happened to this child? They just don't wake up out of control. WE have allowed trauma into our children's life. And WE don't want to fix it. We want to say they grown and throw them to the wolves. NEGATIVE. GET YOUR CHILD SOME HELP. I don't care if they 36 GET THEM SOME HELP. I've seen too many kids ODing or getting locked up or running to abusive relationships. Get off your asses and get them help. And yes they are going to be rebellious because WE have failed them but if they see you are trying to make it right let's pray for a better turn out.

Mental Health, Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse happens for a reason. Let's end this stuff NOW.

I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #IAM

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