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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens

The pain I got in my stomach when they found this young Princess was unbelievable. As a parent, to get a call that your Baby was left for dead under some leaves is unthinkable. To think that this Princess will never get the opportunity to go to her prom or to grow up with het twin is unthinkable.

Jholie Moussa dead at 16.

To say that just sent a chill up my spine. Reality set in that at 16 a Princess has lost her life at the hands of a 17 year old. And let me say this he is a SUSPECT so until confirmed I will leave it there. My heart aches for this family. Prayers to all involved.

My Princess Jholie, fly high my love. Walk beside your sister and protect her from this evilness. Kiss your mom and dad on their lonely nights. They will need to feel your presence. I love you my Princess.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. WE need to get involved and STAY involved. We need to be in our children's business until they are old enough to get some business. Check their phones, their Social Media, their bedrooms, etc. YOU ARE THE PARENT.

I love you all and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #IAM

#Jholie Moussa

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