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I've noticed as I've been doing more research as well as some parents reaching out that Teen Dating and Abuse has become the NORMAL. Times have truly changed from my days of dating. I remember parents TAKING us to the movies and you might have got lucky IF you were allowed to hold hands. Now at the age of 16 these teens are allowed to take the car, are having oral sex(because they think that is not considered sex) and are also being abused. Parents, it's OUR job to make sure that our children are safe and are being respected when they get in these so called young relationships.

Here are some signs to look out for:

1. Your child's partner may be extremely jeolous or possessive. When they stop spending time with friends and it's all about the relationship, PAY ATTENTION 2. You start noticing marks or bruises that they can't explain 3. You notice that they become depressed or anxious for no reason 4. Your child stops participating in activites or extra activities 5. Your child will dress differently. Their partner will not like them showing off their body parts 6. They become scared of everything 7. Watch their phone and text reaction. If the partner calls or text they feel they have to respond instantly

These are just some things to pay attention to but PAY ATTENTION

This is Teen Domestic Violence Month so PAY ATTENTION. If you are suspicious get help ASAP. 800 799 7233

I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #IAM

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