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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens

I can't say I'm at a lost for words anymore. I just pray. Pray that you all start taking this very serious. IT'S NOT A GAME

I'm not trying to be a ass but as much as you support things that don't mean a damn thing you need to support LIFE

Katrina Banks, 31 was proposed to in January and was killed in February. LOVE RIGHT? Not only was that not enough when her son, Kevin Johnson, 15 walked in the room to see what the noise was, he was killed too. Her 4 year old saw what was going on and ran to her room and pretended to be sleep.

The soon to be husband, killed himself.

My Queen Katrina and your Prince Kevin I'm sorry. May you rest in paradise together. Prayers to your beautiful daughter that was left behind to carry on your legacy. I love you

I'm sick of the Rest in Peace y'all. It's literally locked on my phone where it's automatic and comes right up. ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT

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