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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens KeKe Valentine had what appeared to be the perfect relationship until the day she found out she was pregnant with her second child. Her husband didn't have a problem with her being pregnant the first time but the second pregnancy changed everything. He became a monster. He wanted her to abort her precious baby but she refused. Little did she know Earl Jr. would be her saving grace. On September 6 at 1:30 am, Keke heard her back door kicked open. It was her husband. The man that said "I do" to her years before. She heard a loud boom and then four more. She couldn't breath, and realized the 5 shots were in her body. All she remembered was her son calling 911 saying "My mom and I have been shoot by my dad". Keke woke up in the hospital paralyzed from her gun shots. "WHERE'S MY SON" she asked Her son, Earl Valentine, 15, died when he came to see about his mom and his dad shot him close range in the chest. I shared this because i spoke to Keke the other day when I posted about the other young lady and her son being killed. I wanted to welcome Keke to The Movement because every day is a struggle for her and I knew you all would give her lots of love and prayers. Please show some love and prayers for this Queen Keke we are family now. You never have to cry alone. We love you and are here for you when ever you need us. You will be receiving a t-shirt to show just how BEAUTIFUL you truly are. Earl Jr, you were your mom's angel. You got your wings and now are flying high to guard your mom and your sister. I love you. Thank you #thebeautifulmovement #IAM #DomesticViolence #KekeValentine

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