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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens


So let me assume for a minute

He's leaving the stadium after a game with his girlfriend. She has either pissed him off in front of his friends OR she LOOKED at one of his friends and that pissed him off. Trust me in MY assumption SHE is the cause of this let him tell it.

What bothers me the most is how it looks like he's probably saying bye to his boys but when the door is closed he is the monster that he is. AN ABUSER. Danry Vasquez(professional baseball player)was charged BUT since his girlfriend, Fabiana, didn't want the charges to stick he is a free man.

This happened 2 years ago but was just released yesterday and I'm having a hard time understanding WHY. I guess another player able to sweep his shit under the rug. MONEY IS POWERFUL

Did he really punch her like that and THEN put her glasses back on twice? REALLY?

And just FYI I don't care WHAT she says this was NOT the first time. I've been here and the first hit is always a look of "omg did he just hit me", this was a "cover my face" because he's gonna do it again. Pisses me off

This is why my job and every other advocates job is so hard is because WE DON'T PRESS CHARGES. And here is the kicker, he proposed to her AFTERWARDS and said YES.

And YES PLEASE SHARE. I WANT him to see that we are no fans of ABUSERS

All I can say today is I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #imhurt #thebeautifulmovement #danryvasquez #fabiana

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