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LUST or LOVE: Know The Difference

Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens ****INFORMATIONAL TUESDAY*****

I'm finding that so many people are LUSTING instead of being in LOVE.


Signs of LUST 1. your focused on a person's looks and body 2. Your more interested in having sex, but not having a true conversation 3. You'd rather keep the relationship on a fantasy level and not discuss real feelings 4. You are lovers but not even friends

Signs of LOVE 1. You want to spend quality time together and are not so concerned about sex 2. You get lost in conversations and forget about the hours passing 3. You want to honestly listen to each other's feelings, make each other happy 4. You want to know all about the person's life. What makes them happy and what makes them sad 5. He or she motivates you to be a better person 6. You want to interact with the family when the time is right

Is it LUST or LOVE that you are looking for?? Know the difference

And one more thing PLEASE STOP INTRODUCING YOUR CHILDREN TO SOMEONE WHEN YOU FIRST MEET SOMEONE. Some of your children have met everyone that you have sleep with. STOP IT. You are truly sending the wrong message to your children.

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