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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens "INFORMATIONAL TUESDAY" "You're a dumb bitch" "I'm going to kill you" "It didnt hurt that much" "I'll kill myself if you leave" "I love you and it will never happen again" "Its not rape, your my wife/girlfriend" "I don't remember doing that" "You're stupid" "You're too sensitive" "No one will ever want you" "I'm sorry" "If you leave me, I'll kill your family" "You are ugly, fat, etc" Some of you hear this on a regular and think because your not being hit it's a NORMAL relationship. If you feel this is normal than clearly you don't know what a relationship is or what normal means. This is dysfunction at its highest. You are clearly being Emotional Abused. I need you to ask yourself three questions and LOOK IN THE MIRROR WHEN YOU DO 1. Why do I allow this? 2. Why do I deserve this? 3. Why am I accepting this? THIS is NOT normal. And don't let NO ONE tell you "Its ok" or " this is love" Because its NOT I'm going to give you a FYI. If you believe this is ok, you are missing your self love. FIND IT. Anyone that loves THEMSELVES will NOT tolerate it. I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement 

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