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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens I cant explain how my inbox gets flooded every day of people's loved ones. It's my job to honor their wishes because this is what I dedicated my life to but this is again overwhelming. Today I want to honor Andrea Washington, 37, for servicing our country for 19 years. Friday she was pinned for Navy Chief Petty Officer. Last Friday she filed a straining order against the man that loved her. This week, shes dead. WHY? Was it because she asked him to help her pay bills? Was he mad because prior to that he had pushed her down and kicked her in her stomach. WHY? Why did he have to kill this mother of three Kings? WHY. WHY wasnt the restraining order enough to keep him away. Why didnt he understand that YOU WERENT GOOD ENOUGH and to LEAVE HER ALONE. A abusers moto: if I cant have you no one will. And THEY MEAN IT I Salute you Chief Petty Officer Washington for your bravery, your courage and all you have done for us. I'm sorry that we didnt protect YOU. I offer my love and my prayers to your three Kings that are left behind. I pray that you spread your wings and love them and show them this is how NOT to be. I love you my Queen. To her Three Kings, I'm sorry. I'm sorry your momma had to be taking away from you. She will be your light so allow her to shine when you need light. Lean on your memories with her. I'm sorry. I love you I love you all and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #andreawashington 

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