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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens When I'm asked to post a loved one or a friend I post The realness of Domestic Violence is real. For this Queen, Destinee Virgin, 18, her life was just beginning however at her tender age this was not her first encounter with DV. Months her boyfriend held her against her will and beat her. I wish she had realized that he was not loving her. September 22, as she jumped out her car and ran thru traffic trying to get away from her boyfriend, the man that was suppose to love her the first time, shot her multiple times killing this precious Queen. My Queen Destinee, fly high. Your name has such meaning. You are off to your next destination with wings. Look over your family and these young Queens out here with no direction. I will be your voice. You have 463 Angel's waiting on you. I love you My fear is some of you still think he wont do it to you. I'm here to tell you HE WILL I love you and remember STAY Beautiful #thebeautifulmovement #Destineevirgin #domesticviolence 

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