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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Day 22 Domestic Violence Awareness On this day 18 years ago, Rae Carruth was sentenced due to conspiring the murder of Cherica Adam's. Today he is a free man I'm not sure how I feel about this but I guess some would say he served his time and he is a free man. My thoughts, Are you really free IF you did conspire this murder? Can you really look in the mirror and be a free man when a Queen is dead but was able to birth your son which has Celebral Palsy from gunshots? I cant judge and I wont To our Queen Cherica, it's been 18 years that you have taken your wings to a new destination. Your mommy has done an amazing job with raising your beautiful baby boy, Chancellor Lee Adam's. May you continue to be their angel. We love you #thebeautifulmovement #chericaadams #chancellorleeadams 

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