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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Stephanie Ann Willis delivered her son ten years ago. I can only imagine her smile as she looked at her baby boy ten years ago and dreamed of how his future was going to go. This year Ricky Willis, 10, and his beautiful mom, will share the rest of their life together in heaven. My heart aches. There is no more wondering why. I know the answer. The answer being Domestic Violence has no face. It has no age. It has no color. It is deadly and will kill you. My Queen, take care of your Prince. Allow him to be that child that a child should be. Allow him to run free. And to you, my Queen, you dont have to be afraid anymore. Fly high beautiful. I love you This family needs prayers for their loss. Keep them prayed up. END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE NOW I love you all and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #domesticviolence #stephanieannwillis #rickywillis 

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