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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Day 29 Domestic Violence Awareness I have literally heard every single one of these and eventually it became apart of my life. It will and had taken more of my life to reprogram myself into NOT believing it. Beware of the 20 things that abusers mean and say: 1. You're a dumb Bitch 2. You'd be more attractive if.. 3. It didnt hurt that much 4. I'll kill myself if you leave 5. I love you and it will never happen again 6. It's not rape, your my wife/girlfriend 7. I dont remember doing that 8. You're stupid 9. You're too sensitive 10. You deserve it 11. No one will ever want you 12. I'm sorry 13. You're cheating on me 14. If you leave me, I'll kill you 15. You're a whore 16. No one is going to believe you 17. You're crazy 18. I'm going to kill you 19. Why do you make me hurt? 20. You are ugly, fat, etc Dont accept this. THIS is ABUSE I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #domesticviolence 

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