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Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens I hear often times we as parents say RESPECT ME. I'm just curious. How can we ask for respect from our children when we have men/women sleeping in and around our homes. How can we ask for respect when every word comes out our mouth to them is you are a "asshole" or are "Stupid"? How can we ask for respect when you have abusive relationships? How can you ask for respect when you are the town whore or town drunk? THEY ARE WATCHING AND YOU WANT RESPECT? You are NOT setting a good example. I don't care if your kids are grown or not RESPECT yourself if you want respect from them. Parents I hear it to often. They are watching and are truly disguested by you. STOP IT and RESPECT yourself. Once you do that you won't have to demand it, you will EARN IT SET AN EXAMPLE THEY ARE WATCHING (And then they turn out like you and you wonder what's wrong with them, LOOK IN THE MIRROR) I love you and remember you are BEAUTIFUL #thebeautifulmovement #RESPECTYOURSELF 

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