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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens Dear Brittiney, my Queen, I'm at a lost for words as I always am but my go to words are " I'm sorry". You didnt deserve to be stabbed to death. You didnt deserve to have your children motherless. Why wasnt your beautiful smile enough. Why are you now apart of the 425 Angels flying high. When you tried to leave why wasnt that enough to say good bye but not forever My job, my Queen, is not done. My voice is STILL not loud enough but my promise to you is I wont stop fighting. My prayers go out to your family, your mom and dad especially and your babies. I love you my Queen. Grab your wings and fly high ****if you are in need of therapy PLEASE contact Afi Gaston. She is on my page. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY. Beautiful Carter #thebeautifulmovement #brittineycobb 

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