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Good morning my Beautiful Kings and Queens There is no way I'm wrapping my head around this one. I think I gasped for air when I heard about this. I'm asking God along with our prayers to overwhelm this Queen Kamaria Nelson with our love and prayers. This Queen was stabbed as well as shot by the man that was suppose to love her. The one that was suppose to protect her. This story gets worse. As she is in the hospital recovering she does NOT know that her little Princess Angela Pilot,5, her Prince, 2, Prince Larry Brown, and her Princess 2 month old Ashanti Mehmood were found stabbed to death multiple times by the same man. My prayer to Queen Kamaria, lift her. LIFT HER high lord when her family has to tell her that her babies are murdered. Protect her heart and her mind as I will not imagine her pain. Cover her in your blood at this time and please protect her feelings. Just know that we are here for you anytime you need us. We love you. To her Angels, you have your wings now my precious ones. Fly around your mom and let her know you are there at all times. I love you #thebeautifulmovement #kamarianelson #domesticviolence 

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